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Graphite codfwHealth metrics from graphite in codfw
Graphite eqiadHealth metrics from graphite in eqiad
MediaWiki: API MethodsMediaWiki API methods
MediaWiki: Article MethodsMediaWiki Article Class Metrics
MediaWiki: Data StoresHigh Level Access to Data Stores (core mysql, external store, memcached)
MediaWiki: EditPage MethodsMediaWiki EditPage Class Metrics
MediaWiki: FileBackendStoreMediaWiki FileBackendStore, StreamFile, and LockManager
MediaWiki: IndexPagerMediaWiki IndexPagers
MediaWiki: Job Queue RateMoved to https://grafana.wikimedia.org/dashboard/db/job-queue
MediaWiki: MobileFrontendMediaWiki MobileFrontend Extension
MediaWiki: Parser CacheHitrate and Latency
MediaWiki: Parser FunctionsMediaWiki Parser Functions
MediaWiki: PoolCounterPoolCounter Client Stats
MediaWiki: Search LatencyElasticsearch Search Latency
MediaWiki: Total Backend LatencyAveraged Latency Across All Backend PHP Requests
Swift codfw-prodSwift cluster codfw-prod health
Swift eqiad-prodSwift cluster eqiad-prod health
Varnish: All HTTP RequestsPageviews and Requests for All Wikis
Varnish: Edits By Top WikisEdit and Edit+Submission Requests for Top Wikis
Varnish: HTTP Error RateRate of 4/5xx Requests
Varnish: Mobile TrafficMobile Pageviews for Top Wikis
Varnish: Pageviews By Top WikisPageviews and Requests for Top Wikis
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